New Project II

Remember I was telling you about those special scissors?  Here’s a picture of them and if you look at the bottom blade, you can see that it’s actually a double blade.  And on the table beneath is a pile of the sharpie lines that the blade cuts out.  The scissors are kind of a pain in the ass to use if you have any sort of arthritis or otherwise achy hands, but what can you do?  It’s that or cut out the lines twice.


So, let’s talk glass selections, shall we?


Above is a picture of the selections I’ve made.  I’ve glued the pattern pieces on using my trusty glue stick and I think that I like what is going on here.  That pink for the ribbon is much lighter with the LED lights behind it and I found a really pretty swirl on the glass that I think will look interesting once cut and placed.


Oh, oops!!! SADS!!! I hate when that happens.  But…I soldiered on and decided to use it for the water color.

Next I’ve changed my mind as per usual and decided that the original sky color might need to be more turquoise-y.  I have this beautiful transparent aqua color with a nice texture that I think will sparkle.


So, I had to spray up the pieces that were glued on the old color with water, peel them off and re-glue them onto the new color.  Good thing I didn’t already cut the old color.  But to be honest, I’ve changed my mind after cutting.  What can you do?

Here’s a picture of all the colors together:


I think the sparkle of the new sky will be a nice match for that yellow.  Next up is cutting the glass.  But before I do that, I’ll get my client’s input about the color selections.


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