Artist Statement

“Art is making something until you like it, and then stopping.”

Lampworking with a torch


And therein lies my dilemma, I hate to stop.  I like to add just one more thing, then maybe just another thing, then another and another until I sometimes have a muddied mess that you have to look really deep into to see where the secret special things lie.

But you can see it.

There’s usually one special bead or piece I have created that will speak to someone.  They’ll often catch that little thing deep down that calls to them.  I feel like that’s a connection to the person who has one of my pieces.

Life is about connections and balance.  That’s where I want to take my art and ultimately where I want to take myself.

So, I think I’ll keep adding those little bits, it’s what makes my work so interesting.  To me at least!



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